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    ((NOTE)): "HTFFSTFL" is not the correct title of this album. The full title is "Hunt Them For Fun! Smash Them For Laughs!" It's been changed here because of the way Bandcamp processes filenames: including the band name + album name + track number + track name for each file. So with a long album title and some LONG song titles, some systems can't handle the length (but what else is new ARR ARR ARR).
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THE HONK-A HONK-A BURNIN' WHORES FAN CLUB Store-bought rosewater won't conceal your laziness when alcohol deadens the senses Your dead head tooth That aged fruit Is too sweet to resist even despite the risk - Despite the risk of having your cock bitten off
CLEANUP ON AISLE HITLER Back by diapers There's an angry customer who's old He knocked over that display of Kosher pickle jars All over the floor Acted like it didn't happen Then he shuffled away
MACHETE MAGPIE It's a forty-hour cycle Workin' on the farm Magpie with machete and a pretty little crown Ciclo de cuarenta horas para la coronita
Orgy Morgue 01:09
ORGY MORGUE I get engorge-y Lots to leer at here at the orgy morgue! Hot, a cadaver!! Gotta have her now! There's a funeral in my pants - you're invited Slip into post-mortem lapdance - so excited Ferret through the dirt - life snuffed out, lust ignited Circle of life Where me erection?! Orgy morgue-in' bring resurrection to mein organ Naked morticians We arrange stiffs in wild positions then we change shifts Dead sexy on arrival Some fun That one I wanna (Vitals: none) She was a goner Panties, bra, skull That's how I wan' 'er Her pulse rate null Give it a fair chance (Think I'm necro?) ¿Dónde estás, pants? (...you're correcto) Teen semen-stained jeans mate? well, that remains to be creamed WOW! Rotten cadaver!! Twat 'n' lather now! Everybody grab a body You so naughty Circle of life
MAJORETTE SMOKE I like my women like I like my cigarettes Long and pale with an orange-red top I can't go through quite as many as I used-ta but I can pack a lot in that little box I like to kick back and have one to just relax It's hard to say no if I'm drunk and if I've got 'em I always pull the plug of cotton out the one end Sometimes they drop little brown bits out their bottom I always make sure that my box is never empty light them on fire then I put them in my mouth The freezer'd keep 'em fresh but I go through 'em quickly my heel grinds 'em on the ground to put them out So how does woman differ from my cigarette? Well, I'm using one of them to kill myself if that's the case, then what about the other set? I'm killing them so I can use them by myself
INTERIOR JOHNNY HORTON ALLIGATOR Black powder packed up an alligator rectum INTERIOR JOHNNY HORTON ALLIGATOR Fucked Alabamans squall: "Suck on a cannonball!" INTERIOR JOHNNY HORTON ALLIGATOR Fire in the dire oven, fully disrespect 'im INTERIOR JOHNNY HORTON ALLIGATOR Suddenly he headed west - left to find his therapist JOHNNY HORTON ALLIGATOR AIDS
NO WOMAN ON EARTH (WEARS A WIG ON THE MOON) Ain' no woman ever wore a wig on the moon 'at's a pukin' antelope - it's inopportune Ain' no up or down, my Chunk-Elope'll debunk Rope-a-duck an' dunk a dopey duke - FUCK THE POPE!
TWO CHAINSAWS (BURGER KING) Got two chainsaws, runnin' through the Burger King Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
QUICK SUCK McFUCK Steak on the bone Steady stuffin' dick in 'er dome I'm suffering from a considerable loss of semen
TACTLESS CALIBER What doesn't permanently leave festering burn scars on your penis Only makes it stronger Stronger!
SING (THE DIE SONG) Sizzle sizzle, Herbert Please tell this ol' pervert why you insist on claptrapping me? Stoner Eagle Eyes, askin' evil guys: could you legalize my LSD? Queer dichotomies of clear duality The shit like memorabilia shrine for Dean So, controlled to murder Voices told me further This would hold the Earth hurt-free, you see On the felt was awesome Sang "the Die Song" often Rolled the dice on watchin' misery Once St. Mary's guest, and I must confess that I put to rest Father Henri Now it's only problems Mullin' over options No thanks to the judiciary 2025 is just about when I'll have finally regained my sanity
ALCOHOLICS FROM OUTER SPACE Fuck! Fuck, let's fuck! Fuck, let's scream! Scream fuck let's... ... gobble in a bed of money, wobble in a sweaty honey pot pot pot Rub a lot of Sodom in a gritty little chancrous sub-plot plot plot Ball an alcoholic on a sofa cushion an' leave it to rot rot rot ALKIES FROM OUTER SPACE? Fuck, let's fuck! Fuck, let's cry! Fuck, let's writhe!! Twitchin' and a-fuckin' and a-suckin' and a-bitchin', cannae stop stop stop Cum on ev'ry surface in the house, a doused an' sticky table top top top See inebriawesome turn into a party worm and rock a mop mop mop WATCH HER TURN RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. Fuck, let's cry! Fuck, let's writhe! Shit, let's die!!!! Zipper rippin' hypocrites, a pisser panzer-gina set to pop pop pop Federali wannabes, the coroner's a foreigner, and hop hop hop go tha buns, the ones to hunt for fun and smash for laughs a la le cop cop cop Fakin' makin' bacon, god forsaken, take a wad o' weenus, go go go Yummy, some aluminum! Inhalin' up-and-at-'em, wh- wh- whoa whoa whoa Crawl up on a trollop, back 'er up 'n' smack 'er wollop-packer - bop bop bop
NEON SWEAT II: THE RETURN OF DRUG SKELETON You tried to speak after you phoned to ask me what I know about these things please don't have your lonely heart call me I don't feel the heat in fact, it's sort of mild and I refuse to leave the future to a child Feel me, Teach? You'd have to speak like Mister MicroMachines If you tried to say a prayer with ev'ry heartbeat, Whitney or your prayer'd have to fit a fortune in a fucking cookie please don't feel the heat.... The children will not lead and I cannot believe that your sense of pride will succeed and survived intact but for a crack
FUCK YOU AND YOUR WEEABOO NOSEBLEED Fuck you and your weeaboo nosebleed Fuck you and your weeaboo nosebleed Fuck you and your weeaboo nosebleed Fuck you and your scorpion pee pee Fuck you and your scorpion pee pee Fuck you and your scorpion pee pee
GESTICULAR DANCER Glancing to the sound up in the choir Answering a round of friendly fire Dancing to convey a qualifier Canceling the greatest balls of ire Chancing on connection to downed wires Blench upon reflection You're town crier Squirreling away Therefore go and make disciples of all nations Baptize them in the name of the Smurf and of the Popeye and of the Jerry Lewis Teach them to obey all I have commanded Choir's singing louder and they're drinking Firing the questions, straight, unblinking Liars qualify their wishful thinking Higher up, the options are all shrinking Wiring connections and cross-linking Siring the ones who learn by sinking Deferral on display
JENNY JACKASS BEGS FOR FIRE Wake up in the future Your home is a prison TannenbaummmmmmMENSCH! That infinite sing-song The global opinion The peak of the fuckpile That sandman of the Caribbean
Ex-Bucket 00:09
EX-BUCKET I kicked the bucket, bitch! My toe got broke on your bucket!!
FREE TICKETS TO THE LESOPOLOSA FESTIVAL Caution is supplanted by the need Frozen with involuntary seed Water on the brain The image in the eyes I WRITE ROCK OPERAS ON THE TOILET We don't need more defecation Coming from your speaking hole No “Dark Star” spasms in the bathroom Bitch ass you leave that shit alone All you are is just another [ tile in the floor ] All you are is just another [ tile in the floor ] All you are is just another [ tile in the floor ]
Ricin Tapas 00:11
RICIN TAPAS Bison's number two Ricin tapas for you This food..... ain't half bad
SNAKES ON WHATEVER MACE WINDOO'S SHIP WAS CALLED Well, I got this other one idea for you - if you're sure you want to pass on the first script...? Here goes: it's "Snakes on Whatever-the-Name-of-Mace-Windoo's-ship-was-Back-in-the-Prequel-Episode-I-Forget-Which"
Messiarrhea 00:07
MESSIARRHEA Roses are rose Violets are violet There is no god and a dog is my pilot
Holy Smoke 00:28
HOLY SMOKE I got news for you, people From the pews to the steeple To the cross on the roof You are not fire-proof TIME TO LIGHT YOUR FAITH! Boom d'boo-dop, holy smoke Liar, liar Pants and socks and shoes and shirt and hat and briefs and not to mention wife and children EV'RYTHING'S AFLAME!! Boom d'boo-dop, holy smoke I swear t'god your life's a joke I barbecue you churchly folk and where there's fire you'll see me stroke an ARSON HARD-ON ARSON HARD-ON!! Boom d'boo-dop, holy fuckin' smoke
VALENTINE ORDINAIRE This - all this speculative utopia - This narrative of my contentment - This could have been my life, could have been the rest of my life. But - it had to be your joke. Hey, so, just for laughs Watch your fucking self DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE
BROHECKADUDERON [Cherry cherry pow pow bro bra Cherry cherry bro cherry cherry bra Cherry pow pow bro bra] Préparatoire terminus! Broheckaduderon Broheckaduderon Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy MORE
[dreamed by Dion McGregor; sampled and transcribed for bass by RecEpis]
THE LOUT WON'T LIFT A FINGER Miles of piles The boundries vague Watch your step Use every leg and all of your arms I beg In this world I lock in all my old garbage and empty Coke cans Watching videos - YouTube Poop while I eat Barbecue Lean Pockets in my underwear 'Cuz... I've really got nothing better to do than to grow hair on this succulent congestion headache anyhow.
ASSHOLE COUNTRY Ache, ache to take Take Blake Little Jake's sake K-Hill is eight I got, got that ache to conflagrate To ejaculate To evacuate too See, I'll tell it to you true [Viet Nam was great] Alone in the jungle, alone in the forest I'm one, I'm one with myself I'm often divorced I'm one with my one One and one equals eleven That's a good amount of tricks I can count and flicks, the beer type and my lasagna recipe Oh, my art I live out of time, I'm born to be bad but I will live yet again To the Bridges of Monroe County I'll burn that bridge when I come to it When I cum, I'll fight fire with fire and Watertown put out my fire I'm a lover not a fighter I love fire with fire One and one is eleven That's a good amount of prostitutes Born out of time and I give up what you see in the Genesee Any asshole country I live to eat pussy I live again!
(ZIP ZOP) MY FACE IS TORN TO SHREDS Zip Zop My face is torn to shreds Those athletes deprecate Backward walking there Right into a dark cave The drooling yard awaits This was a mistake
APPLE ALLEY HOOCHINOO Welcome the world of the future Even though the wagon won't be coming around here for a year You can risk it on a good time.
TWERKING FOR THE WEAKENED Oh shit - His arms fell off and his head is half gone but his goddamned dick's still hard!!
3-D Abortion 01:58
3-D ABORTION In a world... A crowded womb! Vacuum meets girl! It's Coming Soon! SEE! The poster child for the placard designers SEE! A photo op for the bibley whiners SEE! Him smile and doff a cervical cap SEE! The bile shoot off into your lap We see the patient push Abortifacient mush Comes at you anaglyph But that is only if you see the lass's spawn With red-blue glasses on The P.O.V. - oh no! Watch the distortion grow in the up-front-row 3-D Abortion Show! Sensible portions We abhor din in the theater! With Kenny Baker's scene as "Suction Pump Machine" The critics will rejoice over the thrilling choice to cast a candid patient They'll spare our product placement (We're sponsored by Dispette®, the great ovum curette) "We'll Bring Out The Kid In You ... in 3-D!!!" You penciled a "4" in for an "I strongly disagree" THRILL! To horrid torrents of blue-black bloody issue THRILL! To the sensation that it just barely missed you THRILL! For can't you see the cannulae up in your face? THRILL! To live the life we erase!
CATTLECUNT FOR CARS That herring humor is no joking matter We scientists call it Chrono-Karnapidasana or the Cattlecunt for Cars!
P.U.D. (DADDY CAN TAKE IT!) No ripped collars Stretch-éd shirts Dad! P. U. Daddy! pony pony pony Daddy can take it from the mounted police man. Fits dad just right Ride day or night Trip a thick tiger on a safari through time. A pony ride Little Tough Guy No more broken jewelry Mom!
CHILLAX IN HELL Saloon Sing another tune like a wounded Hoon Dry another well I chillax in Hell Another drink, let's have another drink, another drinky drink Buffoon Skin is like a prune Nervous like platoon Arteries o'clock Soccer Mom a-nommin' on an ignoramus cock Hard as rock
YOU MAY BE WHITE I MAY BE ROSÉ I just sit at home and microphone And the masturbate smells like a beer
RECREATIONAL EPISIOTOMY (REMADE) Taint misbehavin' Scissors or a razor A relaxing expedition into sickness A few laughs Making one from two, it's just something to do Detaching the partition Make a (w)hole out of two halves So it is her objective to remove what's connective Self-mutilation Goddess be: Recreational Episiotomy Leisure endeavor Tissue to sever It's usually entertaining; self-inflicted Making two to one, something just for fun Unusually agonizing Pain-addicted So it is her objective to remove what's connective One hole remains for sodomy: Recreational Episiotomy



Recreational Episiotomy presents:

The first full-length album since .... the last one ... uhhhm ... it was years ago ... anyway

Absurdcore lovers of the world, unite - you have nothing to lose but your lunch. Download includes 2 bonus tracks, a dozen panels of artwork, photography, lyrics, and more - including the original full "gatefold" version of the perplexingly grotty cover art! Not to mention scads of all-new rancid poetry set to lo-fi jumpcutcomedymetal!

Songs About:
• necrophilia
• a really big hammer that smells like horse piss
• great sex
• Billy Joel
• why anime sucks
• time-traveling in the knee-to-ear pose
• Lynndie England
• pitching a Star Wars spinoff to Samuel L. Jackson
• "Pony Up Daddy"
• reimagining Ovid's Metamorphoses as porno
• alcoholism - the pros and cons
• drugs - the pros and cons
• church burning with people inside - the pros and cons
• a messy bedroom
• five more serial killers: Andrei Chikatilo, Juan Vallejo Corona, Fritz Honka, Herbert Mullin, and Arthur Shawcross
• retired athletes doing commercials
• complaining from beyond the grave
• theists being wrong
• demonic possession of the inner ear
• filming an abortion in 3-D
• snowboarders
• food poisoning
• Whitney Houston (again)
• a hallucinating ballerina
• getting dumped by a shithead
• a woman giving herself an episiotomy just for fun (again)
• a slice of life that goes like, "Oh shit! His arms fell off and his head is half gone -- but his goddamned dick's still hard!!"

all songs by RecEpis except #4 (The Frogs); #21 & #34 (co-written with Noah Nelson); #28 (Dion McGregor); and featured verse on #43 by Emac


released December 31, 2017


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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