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Book II: Touch of Max Nerds

by Xoc & Heavy Friends

Begin countdown... now. Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! SIX SIX SIX Let's play "ASS COMMANDER"
Cattyfat 01:18
mercfatcatmercattyfatcat mercfatcatmercattyfatcat mercfatcatmercattyfatcat mercfatcatmercattyfatcat Oon-AHH-oon-oon-AHH-uh-OH!-ah-oh yeah y-y-yeah y-y-UGHN! (etc.) Fuck you, Xoc! You're as good as dead! mercfatcatmercattyfatcat mercfatcatmercattyfatcat mercfatcatmercattyfatcat mercfatcatmercattyfatcat
oh ok 01:25
oh ok A classic of arcade shooting is being revived in a big way for the PSP. Retailers in Japan report that Konami will bring five Gradius titles to the PSP as part of one content-packed collection. Titled Gradius Portable, the single UMD disk will include Gradius I, II, III, IV and Gradius Gaiden. BITCH
The Dry Run 00:26
Let's do a dry run. WAUGGGHHH aaahn uggggghn
Tonttu on ilkeä Todella pahansuopa Lempiruoka laatikkå Se hänelle tuopa Tai Helvetissä palat Riimut ja kalat Elämän salat Kaikki tuntee paha tonttu Joka kantaa nimeä Jonttu Tontun Jontun Askareet Paskareet
Hell-Leven 00:48
Grindfail 01:07
You, sir, are a failure WABGUBHBAGUAGABAHGUHGGHGABA OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YAH-boo-bog-eehg-wahn-ee-neigggh NOG EEG AAYYYY eYe-etc
wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait omonnemowetihwmedtiwpeelstnowi
Baby baby yeah YEAH-HEH C'mon, whoaaa-hoo-whoa In the house! Off the hook! No, no, no Baby baby yeah YEAH-HEH C'mon, whoaaa-hoo-whoa In the house! Off the hook! Hoogh! Heh-hah! WOOO
Steel Ball 01:36
STEEL BALL BIIITCH ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa soon the souls of the innocent will burn in hell eternallllllllllllllllllll WHY
I don't care, I don't care about other people online. So I don't play games for the social aspect ...'cause people online are weird. Stick it in your butt girl AYYYEEEEARRRRR (repeat)
Comb Song 01:18
snort purr purr (etc.)
Stoof Anthem 02:20
1-2-3-STOOF ahhhh AHHHHHH
Are you a fuckin asssssSSSSNAKES!!? In the Cow Milker minigame, the player that milks the most cows wins. uh-HOO-ah-hooahhoohoo
This piece is going to feature a lot of finger lickin' tremolo. Fuck fuck fuck that robot ass! Fuck that robot! Ooohh. Ooohh!
I want everyone to be on this one!
oof da kitty NOO GUYS in the club ge'in' tipsy neh neh naahh bidda bittabitta BEEAAGH doot pount pount pigga pount doot deeOUUUGGHGGGGG etc etc



The second installment of the Xoc & Heavy Friends phenomenon! This time around (2007), audio contributions came from all over the web (and the globe), and Xoc was able to piece together an entire album of the weirdest genre-humping patchwork oddballs yet. Internet collaboration meets mail-art-DIY at its finest!


released September 13, 2007

[see individual track info for specifics]


Alastair Campbell * Alex Atchley * ansgaros * Ashane * atomic-guy * Battlerager * Blue Dot * Boogles * Chunklet Mark-II * Chunkstyle * Dan Lillie * Dennis * Disasterpeace * DoctorBlackJack * Ethan Laseter (Hackabusa) * Furby * Hassan * Hunter * Hussain * JellyDonut52 * Jesse Bishop * Kidd Cabbage * Klefmung * Martin Kouba * megamatt * M-H * MrBoglin * Nik * Paragon * Phlogiston * SABERinBLUE * SAL * Scott Porter * Shawn Huckabay * Shawn Phase * Snytbaggen * Spamtron * Spookmeister C * Stemage * Tackle * The Chunklet * Tropwen * WizWars * XMark * Xplo * Zoast * and XOC

Thanks to the members of the Shizz, VGMix, Metroid Metal, and M2K2 forums.


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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