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Recreational Episiotomy EP

by Recreational Episiotomy

Curmbox 00:20
CURMBOX Fadoul Rothery has a bat in the pants Cruel and incomprehensible You’ve got nothing better to do That unobtainable Spartacus My multimedia abacus has taken over the conversation
Gelignis 00:09
GELIGNIS Love at first sight through the faceshield of an EOD suit.
SOMEONE GOT UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE CRAWLSPACE Time for the amalgamated Freudian catalyst to get things done around here. Time enough for him to roll up his sleeves and cut some fucking arms off. This drove me to ruin my life, this drove me not. This drove me to ruin my life, this drove me not. This drove me to ruin my life, this drove me not.
DENKE’S PICKLES Ax and brine Casks of casket wine
NUTS TO THE SKY Fuck you assholes, I’m taking back what is rightfully mine. You buy and sell evolutionary instinct. You hang up the rope barriers. Fuck you assholes, I’m taking back what is rightfully mine.
Tarte Sperme 00:23
TARTE SPERME Foul and sour Affixed with mildew vichyssoise The smell of a thrift store afghan The consolation withers It’s the soundtrack to your debasement On a wet floor. As the rats in the laboratory - as the rats convulse.
SHAANXI DEATH CAVE Hesitant with a post-hole digger. Oil and force makes the hole get bigger. The gray shithole of another kind of knockout. The clay is cold when you pull your fuckin’ cock out.
POURING POISON DOWN MY THROAT Your flagon has never seen a grape. I’ll be right back There’s something I have to justify. I’m almost there.
FIX-IT TICKET Wipe that smile off the face of the Earth. You’re insured a dangerous anxiety For as long as the lead holds Your guardian angels Scream their way out of your burning, shitty asshole.
The Bulge 00:29
THE BULGE [a.k.a. ORANGEVALE HOT JUICE, a.k.a. THE BIG HUGE] Read the word, not the color. Hand to mouth. Hand to mouth. Hand to mouth. Hand to mouth. Hand to mouth. You’re not bright enough to make yourself happy.
I BLEW MY LOAD ON THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD Load, prick, yellow the swallow. Load, prick, yellow the swallow. Load, prick, yellow the swallow.
PACKING TAPE FOR McCAFFERY’S MOUTH In my benevolent fantasy I will name you Octave. Just shut up and play.
THERE BE DANGERS HERE A nude doctor stands With his penis attached to the inner workings of a windmill.
THE GASOLINE STOMP Impaled through the brain on a shrink-wrapped jewel case. I’ve bought the farm and now I’m demanding a refund. Give it up for Queen Bitch Gasoline.
IN DEFENSE OF MISOGYNY I see no women I only see people If women are If people are If women are If people are I see no people I only see pieces of fucking shit.
LOU REED JACKS OFF ON YOUR FACE WHILE YOU SLEEP You’re believing your own press right now And you’re looking for love. A menacing swagger that simply burns into her stinging eyes the essence du velvets.
OLD GROWTH CONNECTICUT VALLEY THORN BUSHES My alternate realities are bound to be a little more alternate. Bound to be a little more frayed. Bound to be a little more twisted.
MUCHACHO DEL VIENTRE All of the dormant diseases you gave me all at once In you they never seemed to come alive And while you were sleeping The spiders that crawled into your cunt In you they never started to writhe
GOSPEL CURLICUES Sweaty, neon drug skeleton.



The First Five Recreational Episiotomy EPs Remixed & Remastered
#1: "Recreational Episiotomy" [commonly known as "Dale"]

The debut of Recreational Episiotomy! Topics introduced on this inaugural slab 'o' wax include cocaine, e-mail spam, at least two different serial killers, disappointing backing vocals, a very bemusing Japanese fetish, living in a condemned office building with a leaky roof, the natural progression from "beer goggles" to "whiskey wetsuit", the ownership of the land for recreational (!) purposes, first-time anal sex, time-shifting radio broadcast delay, and venereal disease. Also Lou Reed. And Whitney Houston.

NOTE: the original masters for two of the songs on this EP have gone missing over the years. (Guess which two!) Both songs have been reconstructed out of similar audio elements to create a new master.


released January 23, 2016

* ...DUDES


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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