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Thanks For Ruining Christmas

by Recreational Episiotomy

SODOMIZE A CORPSE'S FACE ON CHRISTMAS EVE Sodomize a corpse's face, sodomize a corpse's face Sodomize a corpse's face on Christmas Eve Liquor bought, drink a lot Go to bed, wake up dead Pumping hips on your lips Horny beast on the deceased Sodomize a corpse's face, sodomize a corpse's face Sodomize a corpse's face on Christmas Eve Dick like horse in mouth of corpse Semen coats departed throat Coffin sin of balls on chin Oral corpus Rigor mortis It's so gorgeous Squeak the chorus like a porpoise
NAPALM TANNENBAUM You took your whole family To go pick out a Christmas tree Tannenbaum, I hate that song How's about a dirty bomb Rows and rows of Christmas trees Ignite and smolder instantly Flaming children in a maze Green inferno blocks their way Smoke fills up December sky Flesh is boiling as you die Now I have a blackened tree Made out of your family
Secret Santa 01:20
SECRET SANTA I know you know I'm Santa, though people call me Steve I'm parked across the street from your house Christmas Eve I watch you wrapping presents, the children's Christmas loot I jerk behind the wheel and stain my Santa suit Soon I'll take your children and put them in a sack Hang it from a tree and beat it with a bat I'll snatch away your husband, bind his hands and feet Chain him to my bumper then sleigh ride down your street I know you know I'm Santa, no matter what you say I'm parked across the street for all of Christmas day I'll take you to my workshop, a crawlspace with no laws Now you'll keep the secret that you're my Mrs. Claus You're my Mrs. Claus You're my Mrs. Claus I'm checking my list, and I know that I've been naughty (with a razor at my wrist) Your hubby won't be missed, and they'll never find the body (it's cut up and wrapped as gifts) A black Christmas wreath and a stocking full of teeth Rest in peace
DRAWN AND QUARTERED ON XMAS We sing Christmas carols while you whimper, scream and beg Heavy duty nylon rope around your arms and legs All four limbs each tied to reindeer, then we make them run Ripped apart on Christmas Eve in front of everyone
CHIMNEY SURPRISE A rusty wolf trap in the fireplace I just can't wait to see that fucker's face
FELIZ NAVIDUMP Caca para un regalo Caca para un regalo Caca para un regalo Eso es lo que obtienes I want to wish you a piece of shit-mas I want to wish you a piece of shit-mas I want to wish you a piece of shit-mas And it comes from where I fart
BEATEN WITH A STOCKING FULL OF DILDOS Christmas morning Without warning Here comes a stocking full of dildos! Violent surprise Stockings oversized It took a lot of dongs to fill those! The kids were sleeping Now they're weeping "Why, dad, why you wanna hit us?" He laughs with glee, And mercilessly Beats them, screaming, "Merry Christmas!"
Bukkake Nog 00:09
BUKKAKE NOG Christmas day, she'll take a facial Suck like a champ, get fucked like a dog The jissem of the elves is hot egg nog ...oh yes it is
VENEREAL MIRACLE I fucked this Jewish girl without a rubber on I only used a drop of lube - my cock burned eight nights long
MINSTREL KRINGLE (Don't Even Mention Zwarte Piet) He fell down the chimney, covered in soot On his lips, white paint he put Blackface Santa, he make joke about fried chicken and being broke He burned crosses on the lawns o' families celebrating Kwanzaa He pissed them off with a racist stunt involving a wrapping paper blunt The Kwanzaa hymnals in his mouth are taken from "Song of the South" An angry mob screaming and yellin' 'cause Santa made a joke about a watermelon Edgy racial humor's not the strong suit of this red-suit twat HE'S ABOUT TO GET KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT! K-Kris-Kringle's death looms near Reindeer will not help you here They caught Santa trying to flee They lynched him from a Christmas tree
SNOWHUFF TINSELPANTS A brown paper bag and a can of spray snow A tinsel loincloth that sparkles and glows Shitting self from pleasure, a holiday menace Huff 'til I collapse into piles of presents
HANUKKAH ROULETTE We sit around a table and spin a little dreidel and where it lands with guns in hands We find out if it's fatal NUN - spin the cylinder, pull trigger once GIMEL - spin the cylinder, pull trigger twice HEI - put the gun down, don't pull at all SHIN - spin the cylinder, pull until you fall
I TOOK A SHIT IN A SALVATION ARMY DONATION KETTLE I took a shit in the bucket then I ran around the corner and hid I usually don't give a shit but this Christmas I did
NATIVITY SCENE BESTIALITY PARTY Witness the birth of a miraculous child Gather around, it's time to get wild This heartwarming scene is about to get stranger The shitholes of goats and of sheep are in danger The virgin is sleeping on hay that is piled The animals sense us and start to get riled Here we come naked, three wise anal rangers Ready to cornhole everything in the manger



The brand-new RECREATIONAL EPISIOTOMY EP is a muthergrappling holidaythiest menace!!

Written*, recorded, mixed, mastered, and artworked December 15th - 24th, 2015
Made on drums, guitar, bass, Monotron, electric piano, sleigh bells, and yeah. Vocals provided by Jason "I'm Getting Sick Starting NOW" Cox

AND featuring guest 'vocals' by 初音ミク**!!!!

* the music, anyway. I wrote all the lyrics years ago for KnifeThruHead

** via the Korg Miku pedal


released December 25, 2015


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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