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Devil's Cigar EP

by Recreational Episiotomy

A STREETCAR NAMED FUCK YOU Me and you and a streetcar named Boo. Me and Boo and a dog named Fuck You.
CUBBY BROCCOLI Fifty is the new forty. Elementary is the new college. When words are like trees, The fruits have nothing to do with the produce.
DILDO-SHAPED BIBLE Nights of the green fudge, stamp and shout. What the hell does god have to do with anything? What the hell? These handcuffs smell like pussy. Obviously, you and I have many differences-- not the least of which is our concept of erotic humiliation. The last person I'd expect to catch a break from is myself. But I've been into the brown liquors again, a socio-engineering double-blind bonus. Yippee! It's the party favorite, the big bad brainfucker!
BIBLE-SHAPED DILDO Sea sister, through well-lit neighborhoods, easily monitored with radar. Try and explain how this has nothing to do with the crumpled heap of your temporary solution. Flush-faced, androgynous fuckmeat.
DEVIL'S CIGAR [CONCURRENT RESOLUTION.] WHEREAS, The State of Texas recognizes a variety of Specimens symbolizing great diversity; WHEREAS, the armadillo, the bluebonnet, and the lightning whelk Are just some examples of unparalleled beauty; WHEREAS, the designation of the Devil's Cigar as the Official State Fungus of Texas would PROVIDE this rare mycological inhabitant with Fitting and suitable recognition; WHEREAS, known to scientists as Chorioactis geaster, features a long, tapering, DARK-BROWN apothecium, which sometimes reaches a height of up to four inches; and WHEREAS, when ready, this distinctive fungus splits open with an audible hiss, FILLING the air with a cloud of spores that waft away to help maintain a future of life for the species; WHEREAS, it makes its home on decaying hardwood stumps and exposed roots in Central and North Texas WHEREAS, it is as striking as the Lone Star State Making it a fitting symbol, therefore BE IT RESOLVED, we hereby designate the Devil's Cigar Fungus as the Official State Fungus of Texas.
HOMAGE WITH TONGUE Long-hair human puppy on the edge of the bed Joins the four wise men As they pay homage to the hairless and wet.
DRUNK DRIVING CLASS OF '94 Tanned love-debris and the chrome tidalwave. Mister Mesh is misdirected and starts to misbehave. He's socially connected from beyond the grave. Just because you're dead doesn't mean you're not an asshole.
gAYBonEs 00:24
GAYBONES Who was it who once told me: “When you’re not cheating you’re not trying”? Worlds of waste for sale. Dubious credentials. Out of print and scarce. Time for the essentials. Endurance of the faceless. Buying your decorum. A fairly fickle mistress. Your possessive forum. Dubious credentials. Old and antiquated. Time for the essentials. Crawling, reinstated. Overt differentials. Makes you glad you waited.
FRANKLIN DELANO BULLETBELT We'll take the liquor as read-- Living 100% rejection-free requires constant maintenence. 50,000 high-powered watts of pure, non-stop sad-clownism.
(YOU DON’T WANNA) FLOAT AROUND FOR THE REST OF WHATEVER Savage Catholicism demands that you be hate-fucked, stat.
GOD'S BLUE ASS WATER Dead, wet and gone.



The First Five Recreational Episiotomy EPs Remixed & Remastered
#2: "Devil's Cigar"

The title track to this EP takes its lyrics from a piece of 1997 legislation proposing that "Chorioactis geaster" be recognized as the Official State Fungus of Texas. Other exciting subjects covered include various religious rites, cunnilingus, eBay, naturally occurring steam baths, film moguls, more on the subject of "the whiskey wetsuit", and the kid who died in everyone's high school.

NOTE: "A Streetcar Named Fuck You" borrows its title from the Theophagus song* of the same name, and here the similarities end. The RecEpis version ends with the spontaneous reaction of three spectators - Glenn Newport, Noah Nelson, and Steve Sullivan (who offers the toast) - sitting in the room during the tracking of the drum part.

* trashcaneagle.bandcamp.com/track/a-streetcar-named-fuck-you


released January 23, 2016


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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