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by Theophagus

sugah-poehT 00:32
Swirlin' 02:48
Bass Demo #4 00:50
Xdivone 02:48
I CAME FROM A VAGINA [with Ryan Flatt] I came from a vagina pussypussypussypussypussypussypussy etc Now back to the vagina! Can I have your vagina? I dried out her vagina and put it on my WALLWALLWALLWALLWALLWALLWALL
Bass Demo #2 00:57
Jesuit 02:27
there's only twenty ways to explain it all but one elude me for the moment: "everyone is an enemy because everyone is me" and if Jesus came back today he's sit down in a beanbag and field the accusations with a frown
AK-47 03:08
what does it say about a guy who's got nothing to do with his time better than to laugh at another's passions what does it say about a girl who gets nothing else in the world better than contaminated rations ostentatious, indiscreet so pretentious, incomplete poets in heat we will all get our chance to dance our rings around the things found desired by the poets in heat
Honeycoma 01:39
a town away there's an assemblage for sons and daughters of the spawn out of the car onto the lawn came anonymous through the hedge their mates remind me of a day and of the Circle of Duekanka I know that there's a sparkless Lanka doing business somewhere in the USA the doldrums always looked inviting but Honeycoma's never winning you say "what is just the beginning?" but your sinning doesn't pay for concert lighting El Bee for balladry is trite but that don't stop the metal suckers a peer group full of motherfuckers kickin' paradox and givin' me the slight "the wind blew cold and then blew colder", attested by his dirty bitches he needed five-and-thirty stitches he was found face-down and senseless in the shoulder I went to yellow twenty-three and paid to have my sickness purged I was still sick when I emerged but anonymous returned surprisingly and so the Ghost and I were ice, and for a moment I was torn but my amigo Nattaporn gave the soft-sell that demanded double-price and if the moral is not clear, just think that if you were involved you'd still not have the riddle solved so don't furrow nothin', go to sleep my dear. the Ghost and Nattaporn live on anonymous returned to spawn Duekanka Circle--MIA and Honeycoma's gone away
Forte Rumore 00:29
Spinnbarkeit 02:24
PART I Messy Tessy lovey dovey thrush song yeah sweaty fuelin for the pinnacle lubricator "Pumping Ugly Muscle" by Thrush and the Cunts, yeah ...actually it was the Primative Calculators Spinn / Pasty / Runny / Sticky / Lumpy / Clumpy Buck and wingin, fuckin singin this song yeah Get disgusted by the super-benzocaine invader PART II Righty tighty fucky lucky humpin dryer PUMPIN' UGLY MUSCLE
they were there observing his adolescence from the sky and so it wasn’t all self-serving grounded astronaut grounded exploring land in lieu of space and if a meteor was missing then four more down below would take its place a pounding sound profound resounded and their tea party was held on a hill of beans eventually you’ll understand what it means (to be a pioneer on a new frontier) and so the one who had ruled led them over the bluff he had the grounding planet fooled grounded astronaut tough
Fruitless 04:06
Your lie was boldfaced, my aggression misplaced It sure was a pity and it sure was a waste And you left this city 'cause the caffeine was shitty And that foul fucking taste never left my mouth pretty Get back into the bottle Nobody loves a fighter And if you do we'll get behind you And help you pull the cork down tighter Your this and your that Chewing shit, shooting fat The golden handshake and I'm handed my hat My intentions at stake but your brain's easy-bake To go where you're at's just a hard trip to take Who would think I would miss you? Either way - eighty north or ninety-nine south Who would think I would miss you? Anyway, I found the venom for me: The god's honest truth from that god-awful mouth Get back into the bedroom Nobody fights a lover And if you do I'll get up on you And help you blow your only cover
Lab Roadie 00:23
Bass Demo #4 00:52
Arabic burns candles - did everything for God His is just knives leaving my name "Ocean Pod" Questionable reasoning stains the underground Very wary xenophobe yelling "zounds!" Another lengthy proposition holds another bruised ego tight A-L-P-H-A-B-E-tonite
Suffering 01:39
Age 3½ 02:45
Bass Demo #3 01:05
Let Me Be 02:50
SERPENT MAIDEN [with Noah Nelson] Serpent maiden Serpent maiden Legless maiden Scaly maiden Serpent maiden Legless maiden Serpent maiden Legless serpent Maiden maiden Hold your staff high above all the dead Serpent maiden Serpent maiden C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon Serpent maiden Serpent maiden Crazy lady Serpent maiden



THEOPHAGUS is the name of the solo songwriting/recording project I began at around age 16. From 1992-2002 I recorded roughly 100 hours of material, most of it on my Yamaha MT8X 8-track cassette recorder.

This is the FIFTEENTH (!) in a series of archival collections. Every song has been redigitized, rebuilt, remixed, and remastered directly from the original cassettes.

Please note that while we at Optical Pies Recorders have made every effort possible to restore and improve fidelity, the quality in places may, at first listen, give the impression of sounding like festering dog shit. True or False? Send $1 to DOGSHIT OR FALSE, 4547 Brent Court Sacramento CA 95820


released July 4, 2017

[ lyric sheet forthcoming ]


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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