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Forever Turgid: MISCDISCRMX

by Recreational Episiotomy

PCP WINDMILL A.K.A. PITMASTER Un-stoppable pit master Violent dance lust Hap-hazard thrashing High as fuck on angel dust Never stops punching, even when the music stops Audience is leveled Call the cops! Now it's moving towards the sirens and alarms Their bullets are useless to his blur of whipping arms His hardcore flailing, karate kicks and spins Take down all the officers He fights a car and wins
THE FIRST BOWL OF VOLTS My life was only uterine when bladdered dad put his boot in Tortoise flambé, rabbits, cats The demons in the Finchley flat Right off the bridge at Hungerford then fondle corpse of younger birds The homeless homicide condemns a nameless vagrant to the Thames The New Cross train, lead pipes and knives and axes slice right through their lives
CONTAGIOUS ABORTION Poisoned teat and womb Milk sick misdiagnosis Poisoned feeding room Contagious Brucellosis She can't stop singin' "I've got fuckin' rock fever" Blot out the yellow trash carrier Cross the blood-brain barrier
Volle Hütte 00:15
VOLLE HÜTTE Full House Full House Full House John Stamos Full House Full House Full House Motherfucking Full House
Ballet 01:09
MATING NETS AND DISCOVERED ATTACKS Fuck me only with thine eyes A dancing tarantula on a butter dish Semen stains on leather blinders Unwashed raw vegetables and cough syrup A pound of flesh in the hand is worth a thousand safewords
SWEET FACTORY The reflection of the hammer in the pig's eyes A prepubescent jackpot The protein smell of a thousand fingers mixes with my own In the store on a corner with a handful of little blue balls
Plastique 00:22
SIBERIAN RAVIOLI PROSTITUTE Keepin’ warm in a Kazakhstan loony bin with five-alarm chili and seven-hooker pelmeni
POWERWALKER CASSEROLE Strip all the meat from the groin to the ankle Just a couple hours from treadmill to table Preheat oven to three-hundred fifty 5 minutes per pound, she'll be done in a jiffy Cookin' a leg, cook-cookin' a leg The leg of a jogger, cook-cookin' a leg
Raftbuggery 00:04
RAFTBUGGERY "Robble Robble"
Overpass 00:16
OVERPASS Unholy ass shitting from the overpass
Ono 01:54
Skeen 00:02
CHICARRÓN INFIDELIDAD (VOCAL VERSION) Flayed chopped and boiled, the brain remains to wonder why
SUICIDIO DALLA POLIZIA You keep the peace on a fuckin’ short leash. Die OR KILL ME. Kill me you fucking pig. I will kill you, or I’ll die, and it will feel so good for you to...
OCAOLAASSIC Froggy went recording, invoking demon Conky Big Lick walker soring understudies for the donkey
Abidan 00:36
BLADES OF LAKE FISTLESS I'm gonna make Christmas in front of your house Dull blades, living blades Sharp sting of confidence Gassing up on Lake Fistless in front of your house Dirtcuffs, eyemuffs Power grip of self-defense
BETH SHENAYIM I cannot stress enough the need for vigilance when entering the toothed place ahead A horrified old man in the corner, shitting his pants and clutching his bloody crotch while sucking a dildo held by his mother - this means nothing to the cunt with fangs.
DROWNING THE HEIRESS Liquid Smoke and apricots, laying down in laetrile Transom breach at 40 knots through a hundred dollar bill Abhorrent thalassocrat flopping on a trampoline Silly silicone for tat - Silly travel putting green Ask me why I was just researching the southwest coast of France. It had something to do with an alternate, reverse time stream. Ask me why I was calculating the speed of sound in miles per hour. It had something to do with the Geopotential of Tropopause. Peephole must be made to specifics of the people. Attention must be paid to - and refunded from - such people.
BUILT TO DESTROY Piss in the elevator, fall on your face. Beer bongs and barbecue at your mom’s place. Girl's lost virginity, dignity, grace. Vacantly watching the passing of years. Trading tequila for forty ounce beers. Lottery tickets distorted through tears. Love/hate relations with liquor store clerks. High trapdoor spiders that bound on who lurks. Drink silhouettes mixed with whatever works. Telecast hoops on a TV that’s muted. Cold tanks at midnight for what you’re best suited. Slip through the cracks among others recruited. Built to destroy in the name of distraction. Double-bluff duty demands interaction. Chief of invisible, dissenting factions. Sleep in the forest your mind has provided. Mocked by the ones in which you once confided. Watching your innocent faith get blindsided. Another white mother with no sense of tact. A half-shirt reveals less of fiction than fact. Left behind sleepless and out of the pact. Sulfurous nest, genesis of the slaughter. Handyman corpse’s unfortunate daughter. Drinking my fill from uncomfortable waters.
JOSHUA SPEED’S PILLBOX HAT Davies Campus Hospital has been advised to stand-by for a severe gunshot wound. I repeat, a shooting in the horse-drawn-carriage-cade in the Castro area... It appears as though someone in the Presidential carriage might have been hit by the gunfire... We can't see who has been hit, if anybody has been hit, but apparently something is wrong here, something is terribly wrong... And just now we've received reports here at Davies Campus that Governor Low was shot in the upper left chest, and the first unconfirmed reports say the President was hit in the head. That's an unconfirmed report... The President of the United States is dead... President Lincoln has been assassinated. It's official now, the President is dead.
THE BAG OF WATERS There’s nothing you can do. A relentless sine wave of reactionary prayer, begging on your knees for the Bag of Waters. Happier than bacon in shit, twisting under the dildo of the Old Gods. They explain away deviant desires with mortally wounding insults. Foul cosmetics intensify the contortions of slow-motion silent panic. Asking only for the abolition of failure, and not the arrival of success. Translucent misfires through visors of the dripping pink pussy panoramic cunt hunters. Cracking your knuckles underwater. Fading to the squealing hinges of the cage, Holding back a coked-up mountain gorilla with a frayed extension cord up its ass. Since we’ve no place to go, fill up the battery fluid reservoir with brown snow. Creativity running wild in a shower of cold, acidic diarrhea. Clutching the secretive sorrow of the dictator, leaving my gills behind. Birthed straight down into a fucking coffin in the middle of High Mass. Catholicism was the answer we were looking for.
Judaswiege 01:50
JUDASWIEGE Obsessively thinking about how extreme your situation must be that you would pray for unconscious shock to relieve the insanity of obsessively thinking about how extreme your situation must be that you would pray for unconscious shock to relieve the insanity until you feel the 'bone-shaped heart' [sic] CRACK




In 2010, Recreational Episiotomy released "Fully Turgid" on Buriedinhell Records* as a digital download. It compiled the first five RecEpis releases into a single 61-track package, with the added attraction of 33 bonus tracks - a collection of compilation appearances, remixes, cover songs, and other previously unreleased material.

Now, with the remixing and re-release of those first five EPs as individual downloads, the "bonus disc" material has been remixed as well - not to mention fattened to include even more never-before-heard tracks! Unfinished vintage material from the early 2000's has been newly completed; songs originally released in edited form have been restored to their full versions; and even this collection of bonus tracks, with newly added bonus tracks, has BONUS TRACKS ITSELF!

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, this is by far the longest RecEpis album ever - not to mention the weirdest and most eclectic!

Best of all: if you combine it with the first five EPs, it totals 99 tracks and fits PERFECTLY on a 74-minute CD!!

Some of the subjects addressed lyrically herein: a childhood friend, a candy store, the psychoanalysis of castration anxiety, moshing on angel dust, serial killer Patrick Mackay, a particularly nasty torture device, suicide-by-cop, the TV show "Full House", geopotential of tropopause, and various ditties about the cooking and eating of pigs, diseased cows, Kazakhstani hookers, and joggers. Also included are an epic poem summarizing the history of religion; and a reenactment of the media coverage of the assassination of noted homosexual Abraham Lincoln.


released January 23, 2016

* buriedinhellrecords.blogspot.com


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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