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Neverfuckingmind EP

by Recreational Episiotomy

PREGNANT WITH CAFFEINE The fibrous wombs Shit out millions of diurnal crybabies [Guest Screaming: Noah Nelson]
Rotcunt 00:21
ROTCUNT Spermbanksadness spends eternity with a Bob Dylan fan Having her mouth packed with kitten shit.
Pollen 00:15
POLLEN [alternate mix] Biting the stamen, the skin turning sweet Yellowing, softening dust-covered meat Rotting alive Cracking at the seams A sweet mound of decomposing pollen.
TRAPPER’S TAPES Curious priorities, when the past is always and without fail perfumed with strawberry incense. Beautiful promises contrasted with genetically encoded filth, ornamented with prison illiteracy.
U-Haul 00:39
U-HAUL I'm only here to keep you up all night. The slow lead the speedy. Inhaling two truckfuls of cardboard dust just to get a mirror-image peek at that pissy bush.
PINK GIN AND CRANK SCABS (AIRPLANE BLONDE #1) My thoughts somehow turn to your face When I’ve got that biting cold steel in my back.
THERE’S A TREAT IN THE DEPRESSURIZATION CHAMBER Eulogized and clean-shaven, the good cop looks for a way out.
SHOPPING CART FULL OF URINE-SOAKED CASH It’s only luck that allowed you to cheekily slip through the cracks. We all discovered that sweet taste In the midst of holding our tongues to the sky During the blizzard of shit.
THE RAIN DANCE RATIONALE We must abandon all restriction of ambition. You must learn to recognize, endure, and exploit all the symptoms of the single-mindedly relentless torrent of disenchantment that surrounds you. Yourself is the greatest enemy I have ever known. Myself is the greatest hero you have ever known. Myself is the greatest enemy you have ever known. Yourself is the greatest hero I have ever known. We know nothing.
The Squall 02:26
THE SQUALL I told you once that you're all Harper Valley Piles of Shit. If there was a time for utter failure, this is it. Concomitant to the squall We could always have it all Symptoms Symptoms Symptoms I called the fire department but I never said a word. Everyone was leaving town the day you were interred. Nobody has heard from the chorus of the cured. Common sense and vision were suppressed, deformed, and blurred. Name another instance where these sorts of things occurred. Horny bullies never lose.



The First Five Recreational Episiotomy EPs Remixed & Remastered
#4: "Neverfuckingmind"

Topics for the next eight and a half minutes include an ex-girlfriend, a co-worker, coffee, seasonal allergies, love letters from prison, the film DEAD HEAT, and just desperation in general.


released January 23, 2016


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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