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by Xoc

CASTLEVANIA - STAGE 1 [in the style of PRIMUS] Simon had himself a big whip Damn near six feet long Only had so many hearts and lives, but those pork chops kept him strong Simon up in Transylvania Lookin' for a vampire fight With a dagger and a watch and an axe and a cross, he said, "What a horrible night" Mermen are leaping and bones reassembling Eagles drop hunchbacks They're jumping all over me Ahhhhhh
DIG DUG [in the style of MELT-BANANA] Dig dig dig dug / dig dig dig Dig dig dig dug / dig dig dig Blowin' up a tomato Dig dig dig dug / dig dig dig Dig dig dig dug / dig dig dig Dragon's under the ground Dig dig dig dug / dig dig dig Dig dig dig dug / dig dig dig Goggle on the tomato Dig dig dig dug / dig dig dig Dig dig dig dug / dig dig dig Chasing you with my pump Dig dug dug dig dug / DIG DUG
MOON PATROL [in the style of JIMI HENDRIX] Six wheels across the land Jump the crater in the sand Shoot straight, up and out Don't know what it's all about Jumpin' over rollin' rock Rock 'n' Roll, I'm on the moon patrol UFOs are bombin' me Why don't they just let me be I'll be drivin' 'cross the moon From A to B now, gonna get there soon Lunar rover, shootin' rock Rock 'n' Roll, I'm on the moon patrol
MANIAC MANSION - RAZOR'S THEME [in the style of NIRVANA] No no never never Well maybe No no never never Sure OK
MARBLE MADNESS - PRACTICE RACE [in the style of BECK] As the marbles come down through the puddles below I got acid on my brain and an order to go And I'm rollin up the hill with a bucket of sauce And a spray paint can just to give em the gloss There's a yellow rubber hammer that's blockin the road There's a big black ball that's about to explode Kentucky fried grease all over my face I got something to eat and then I flew into space I got a can of beer that's glued to my hand And the phone machine is filled up with sand I shattered into pieces with a foot in the tomb And I got swept up by a magical broom Big green slinkys all over the place They jump on my skull and they get on my case Everything that you know is wrong Set the coupons on fire And tune the banjo with the pliers Mármol locura la práctica raza
TECMO BOWL - TITLE SCREEN [in the style of T.REX] Well, I'm a Tecmo Bowl Baby, I love your cup Filled with the football stars and your gridiron soul Angels are throwing up the sun the moon and stars Well, I'm a pigskin priest Baby, I love your name stitched on your golden back and your velvet beast aeroplane passing game Girl, I'm a blitz attack And I'm strange Baby, I got the sideburn rainbows You, you've got the same thing too And why is it hard To kiss you under your face guard You run me over with your car Your offensive line It looks sweet and dirty fine I'm assistant coach of the cosmos I'm dancing up through the goalpost Electric guitars They touchdown up on Mars
PAPERBOY [in the style of FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS] Disguised as a likeable juvenile delinquent, risking his life for the public's right to be informed, and unmatched in his grim determination to deliver the news, Paperboy journeys through a world of incredible danger, doing daily battle with the forces of darkness and evil, riding the sidewalks of this land delivering... papers.
ELEVATOR ACTION [in the style of TALKING HEADS] I appear on a building way downtown Elevators to take me up and down Making all my decisions on the run Everybody is carrying a gun Ce immeuble est comme chaque autre immeuble D'ascenseur! j'aime ce bâtiment AYE YI YI YI YI Finding secrets behind unopened doors Investigating the building's 30 floors There's a parking lot I've got to reach I've got a car that's waiting there for me
CHUBBY CHERUB [in the style of the RAMONES] Chubby is a rocker now Floatin' through the little town Cherub with a pair of wings Opens up his mouth to sing And he said, "Oh I don't know why, why it isn't hard to die" Oh oh I'm singin the tune of Chubby Cherub in the sky
SUPER DODGE BALL - LONDON [in the style of THE BEATLES] Ev'ry single night I just want to kiss you When I can fin'lly get home Ev'ry single day I try not to miss you Give me a call on the phone Give a call And let me know you'll hold my hand In dodge ball I'll be down in the sand, crying instead Ev'ry time I try to give all my love, girl Promise I'll always be true I find that I've been hit in the face, girl Hit with a ball, black and blue If I fall Deeply in love with you girl That's not all I would bring you the world... cup if I could Girl



Xoc covers video game tunes in the style of other artists.

The EMULATOR series was originally known under its working title, V.G.M.I.T.S.O. (Video Game Music In The Style Of, and pronounced "vee-gee-MIT-soh") when most of these tracks appeared on a limited edition CDR entitled "MAGFEST 7 MIX" - which, as the name suggests, was only available from me (Xoc) personally at MAGFest 7. [http://vgmdb.net/album/13293]

These earliest EMULATOR demos are the first collection in a long-running series. (That's the plan, anyway - there are something like 82 'style parodies' in the works.)


released January 15, 2015


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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