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You'll Never Work In This Town Again

by Recreational Episiotomy

SOUR BLACK FUTILITY Garlic handsaw bit, the pot fund kit. Alabama buck chick flirtatiously dug kink. [NOTE: these lyrics are anagrammed phrases, but I can't remember what they're supposed to mean. Little help?]
MyHolo 01:02
MYHOLO There aren't enough hammers and there aren't enough drills. There aren't enough days and there aren't enough pills. There aren't enough words and there aren't enough knives. There aren't enough coffins and there aren't enough lives. There aren't enough hours and there aren't enough graves. There aren't enough drugs and there aren't enough slaves. There aren't enough swords and there aren't enough pens. There aren't enough doses and there aren't enough friends.
Jay's Grave 00:21
JAY'S GRAVE A swingin' single mother and a ton of man. Such was the shame of the sign of the times.
HERRING DIABOLIS Living on a borrowed sense of humor.
Birdlimed 00:47
BIRDLIMED Osteomalacia and a cherry cheese bear claw. Sensory aphasia, face down into the dirt. Strung up in a silver fir while they labor on the Koi pond. Lace sachet of lavender broke open on my shirt.
White Plume 00:11
CIVIL WAR SURGEON With his stove-pipe hat and his black leather bag, he likes to make house calls.
MARIOTTO ALBERTINELLI NEVER HAD DAYS LIKE THIS A crack rock the size of Haley’s Comet. I’m deaf to your porno.
SNOWY DIGESTED AWESOME VOMIT* Connecticut Leather. Wading in the pool. L'estremità profonda, intermediary school. Leave luck to heaven. Segnali eccellente. Factored lolling prisms. Anni fa venti. *[also an anagram]
Motodentalis 00:17
MOTODENTALIS I'm weathering the storm but still opting for extraction. I'm sure happy it's Thursday.
Pang Eros 00:44
PANG EROS Eros pang Like an insufficient time to study. Eros pang Quickly overtaking everybody. Eros pang is the dictionary definition. Eros pang Out of print and limited edition. Eros pang Your turn to climb a rope with broken fingers.
FIRST DRAFT ON A GAS STATION RECEIPT Tear it up and throw it out the window of the moving van while everybody else is sleeping off a Tijuana drunk.
Party Toilet 00:13
PARTY TOILET Window foil, it stays the spoil It mollifies the party toilet. Mashantucket kicked the bucket down at John Ascuaga's Nugget Dairy prairie seminary grew herbaceous Bladder Cherry Soil the jowls Eyes like owls peek out from the paper towels
Tracy Senary 00:19
TRACY SENARY The portal is open to all of me. Fraternal cutthroat jealousy. Hiding in the cedar trees. I left my wallet in old Modesto.
BRING ME THE LIP GLOSS OF DEIRDRE ARPELLE Rankle deep into your brain like Thespis-brand machinery I'm chomping at the bit, a finger pointing at the scenery With Anklebiter's Greatest Hits mixed with The Best of Anklegrabber Swamping everybody's night with substitution jibber-jabber Rank will be securely pulled and dramatized for television Pomp and circumstantial confirmation of a key incision Red and white make noise so when you warn a brother in advance Ablution only blinds you, and to quit is just choreic dance Abet and threaten every set, become the human coffee mug Have swoosh and stolen pound cake topped with pudding as an antidrug A debt acquired was sired in autumn, in a house of love untrue Pollution prayers remain unheard, for God is tired of you.
WHAT'S A FLORIDA LIE DECTECTOR? It will take weeks of deprogramming techniques used by seven sneaky geeks before the dealer ever speaks of the symbolic prix fixe of disputable antiques in his numerous boutiques an expectant finger shrieks for the dike, it never leaks tap a keg and fill your cheeks to the tune of Roman Greeks for remote snow-covered peaks painted with the blood of Sikhs in uncluttered crimson streaks look like stripes on flaggy freaks with the stars up in their beaks with the stars up ons
SEXUALLY RETARDED GODS Water-dependent early adopter. All of the hands of slaves and their masters offer a plea. They’re singing their paean. Oat-burner thrashing out in the sea and the clutch of sexually retarded overlords may be pleased.



After spending 2 and half years recording a huge backlog of tracks and finding no one willing to put any of it out, this short EP was released to test the waters of the online-only market. Unfortunately, no one was ever asked to actually PAY for it.

It was followed shortly thereafter by "The Nice Price" EP - its title possibly intended as a reminder that downloaders could pay for it if they wanted, even at a budget rate.

Compiled from sessions recorded September '04 - March '07
at Optical Pies Recorders (in its original location, Orangevale, CA)
Written performed recorded by RECREATIONAL EPISIOTOMY
All samples come from "Frat House", a porno from 1979
- look it up


released March 17, 2007


J. Sunk Ox - vocals and, oh, I don't know, say, a guiro
Me - VCR wrangling
Jassoon Kooks - other guitar stuff and also sounds
Xoc Nosaj (before he went all Cher and dropped his maiden name) - drum set playing and maybe bass too
J.C. Masterpiece - bear-hating
Julaug Sepoctnov - lead balalika
Also Me - thrash metal tambourine


all rights reserved



TrashCanEagle Sacramento, California

Official label of XOC* and friends

* one of those video game music guys

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